Rachel Roth, MD

Rachel Roth, MD

MD, Family Medicine, Mental Health

Dr Roth is a family doctor, seeing patients of all ages and stages. She generally focuses on mental health and looks at the mind-body connection holistically when caring for patients.


Rachel Roth, MD

Dr Roth is board-certified in Family Practice in the United States and is a diplomate of the board of family medicine. She has a decade's worth of experience in mental health.

Her first degree (University) was in Biology and the Medical sciences as well as in Philosophy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She worked in research settings with an interest in autoimmunity, inflammation, and the intersection of physical and mental health.

Dr Roth's medical degree (MD) was granted by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and was awarded with special qualifications in biomedical research, after studying and publishing research in the area of personalized medicine. During medical school Dr Roth worked with NGOs and local governments to establish a clinic in Peru where she worked and which continues to partner the Cleveland Clinic with local community health workers in a health education exchange.

She completed her family medicine specialty at Swedish First Hill/University of Washington where she trained both in the clinic and in the hospital caring for adults, children, women's health, obstetrics, geriatrics, mental health care, and emergency/urgent care. Her areas of concentration were global health, wilderness medicine, and healthcare systems including piloting direct care models.

In 2014, Dr Roth moved to Israel where she directed the clinical reasoning course at Tel Aviv University Medical School and wrote about public health for the Times of Israel. Additionally, she continued to work in the US using telemedicine with Brightside, focusing on patients' of mental health.

In 2021, Dr Roth founded Healis Health / Physicians United along with hundreds of physician colleagues, with the goal of connecting doctors directly with patients and expanding access to care.